Sunday, April 24, 2011

Baby number 3

This is the next (and last) baby quilt I have in the plans. Next in line-- Matt's brothers graduation quilt (Virginia tech).

This quilt is for my dearest, Brooke and Brandon. Brooke was one of my roommates and great friends while I was doing my Master's in Madison, WI. She is such a wonderful and beautiful lady. She provided me such support and love during my rough time in Madison. Her husband is an avid mushroom hunter and grower so I thought I would do a bright little quilt that highlighted mushrooms. I am not sure what the sex of the baby is, but I thought that this was gender neutral enough (a little to the girlie side, but mostly playful).

I need to also complete the quilting and binding process.  I see a trend here.
the finished product!

Quilt top #2-- Cottey baby

 This is my latest baby quilt. For all of you who didn't know, I went to an all woman's college for two years called Cottey College. It was in a little, middle-of-nowhere town in Missouri called Nevada. It was filled with traditions, silly songs, and female bonding rituals. One thing common was the iconography of ducks and daisies. We had duck jackets, duck passdowns, and a daisy ceremony. This needs more explaining than I willing to do right now, but it was like an huge college sorority.

Anyway, my roommate and suitemate, Betsy is having a baby at the beginnning of this month so I decided to make her a little ducks and daisies Cottey quilt. I just need to finish the quilting and binding-- easy enough- right :)