Friday, February 17, 2012

This may explain my inactivity on-line

So I haven't made the time to make any blog posts. I suppose i truly have no excuses except that I have been mentally concerned with other things in my life. There have been lots of changes in the last 5 months- 1) Work has been extremely busy with an upcoming drilling well, 2) Matt started a new job that he really likes, and 3) we are expecting a little baby boy on July 8th! This may be my main distraction. Instead of blogging I have been thinking about what I need to get, finding a doula, setting up child care, deciding my future work schedule, planning trips, etc. This is a fun process, but a little overwhelming at times.

I am currently 19.5 weeks pregnant. The ultrasound below is my 18.5 week image. He is pretty cute. During the whole ultrasound session he wiggled a little but the majority of the time he kept his arms covering his face and his legs in lotus little yogi :)  I only hope he is calmer than I am most of the days.

18.5 weeks old!

On the crafting front. I finally completed my little pinwheel baby quilt for my friend, Shelley. Unfortunately it was several months late. Right now I am working on a beetle bug quilt for my friend, Heather, who is due any day now. I have a little gender neutral panda quilt in the cue for my friend, Keena (due in May), and a Richard Scarry 'busy town' quilt for me. I am also hoping to knit up a few baby rattles and sew a little stuffed owl for my little boy. I have been obsessed with owls lately. There is some super cute fabric and designs out there. This is the bedding I am currently thinking of getting- Hooty owls. I am just not sure if I can still paint the room green. What do you think?