Sunday, February 21, 2010

My first sad attempt at yarn bombing

My friend, Heather, and I decided to do a yarn bomb for Valentines day. We were both supposed to knit/crochet some hearts and then put them somewhere. Well, I did one part- I helped her put the heart garland up, but I actually did not knit a stitch. I have been kinda on this knitting hiatus. I did aid and act as partner in crime in hanging the graffiti.

In celebration of Valentines day and heart Awareness month we wrapped a couple of information poles at the Texas heart Institute and also wrapped the granite heart sculpture. We snagged a couple of pics, but I am not sure how long they stayed up. I am hoping to do some more in the future.

I am almost finished with the shrug, the lace is pretty, but I am not quite in love with how it falls on me when I wear it. I need to finish the finishing and then I will post a picture I have 3 projects I want to start soon- Bella's mittens., a lace scarf, and a wrap called 'stolen moments wrap'. I have been kinda waiting to start them on my plane trip to London. Yep-- I will be in London and North Wales for three weeks for work. I am looking forward to it. I will hopefully be posting pics and posts as I go.

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