Friday, May 28, 2010

Crafts I am learning

Well about a year and a half ago my mother got me a sewing machine. She has sewn most of her life and I remember her making my sister and I matching dresses for easter, dresses for my aunt's wedding, and little odds and ends. More recently she has taken up quilting. She started taking quilting classes in Russellville, Arkansas in order to meet some people and try a new hobby. Her quilts are pretty cool and I became enthralled by the history of quilt making and the process. This inspired me to learn how to sew myself. What is weird is that as a child I showed no interest in sewing so my mom never showed me how. So even though she ha this great skill I never learned it. Which brings me to the sewing machine. I expressed interest in learning how to sew and having a machine so as a graduation gift my mom got me one. Needless to say it sat in a box for about a year. Honestly I was scared of it. Knitting with needles was one thing, but a large mechanized needle seemed like another.
So I signed up for a "getting to Know your Sewing Machine" class at this cool local sewing business called Sew Crafty. They offer classes and have materials for knitting, sewing, felting, etc. It is a great neighborhood business. The class was great. I learned not to fear the machine by learning how to thread it, wind the bobbin, choose feet, change them, and practiced different stitches. After I completed this class I decided to try one of their make something sewing class. This class was a 2 hour class to make a clutch. So I signed up and Tuesday night in 2 hours managed to make my first thing on a sewing machine! It is isn't perfect, but it was fun to do and made me realize that sewing is not as scary as I thought. The next class they offer is a class to sew a market bag. I hope to sign up for that and have just as fun.


  1. Cute clutch!! I wish I knew how to sew, too. My grandmother was a fantastic weaver and sewer (she would make my barbie dolls clothes, etc) as well as a top notch cook, and I never bothered to learn any of those skills from her. Later in life I joked with her, telling her she should have made me learn against my will! I'm proud of you getting to know your sewing machine! :D

  2. you too karen could pick these skills up-- of coarse I have not progressed further.....