Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Time to finally relax

I had meant to post this a month ago-- but never finished my revisions.  Now I have been on yet another trip-- a return to the California wine country. Except this time matt and I travelled for a day excursion to Mendocino valley-- the land of wonderful Pino grapes. We drank some great wine, saw lots of beautiful moss, and managed to bring back 12 bottles of varied and delicious California wines....mmmmm

This is the original post I had intended to write:
'After I returned from the Ryan Chouest I had a week and a half before I had to get myself ready to go out into the field for a BP subsurface and wells course in the Bookcliffs and Moab, Utah. This was a great 2 weeks, but it completely wore me out. Not to mention that I immediately traveled to Austin, TX for the Austin City Limits festival the day after I returned home. Suffice to say I am glad to be home and am looking forward to a little r&r and enjoyment of the Houston fall.

Here are some pics of the my SS&W class and the lovely rocks we visited in Utah and Colorado. It was great to finally get into the field again and see some rocks and think depositional environments and paleogeography. That is definitely my favorite part about geology, the fact that the rocks exposed tell a story about the way the world looked millions and millions of years ago.'

Now maybe I can finally relax and enjoy the fall in Houston.

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