Sunday, July 17, 2011


People don't seem to like Houston. This is something I discover more and more with people I work with and people in the industry overall. Yes, geologists love the outdoors, we love rocks, we love mountains. Houston lacks a lot of these things. I thought this might be a reason why almost everyone who moves here doesn't like it. Over time, however, I have found that people don't like it because they don't like the heat. The heat and the humidity. So a city with some of the best art museums, incredible theatre companies, and opprotunities, diverse demographics, and some of the most wonderful food around has a bunch of people who live here and don't know how great they've got it.

The saddest part is that this decision to dislike the place they live come mostly from the fact that most people live in shitty suburbs outside of Houston and never go anywhere to experience everything the city has to offer. Houston is young (like most of the US cities). It has a lot of growing pains to go through. Pretty soon this adolescent city will find out that concreted strip malls and freeways are not the best growing pains. People are moving into the city, coming to the realization that there are ways to take advantage of the limited/no zoning laws. I can currently walk and/or bike to dozens of stores and restaurants.  This is amazing and a wonderful way to grow pride and love in your community.

Why, you may ask, did I start thinking about this? Well it has always been something that bugs me. I am almost tired of defending this city to people. The saddest part is that most people don't even know about the things I am defending. I am constantly making statements related to the abundant free art museums, prolific film community, great experimental restaurants, and vibrant music opportunities. Not only that but the city of full of communities and groups for just about any hobby you might have- sewing, quilting, knitting, wine, kayaking, art, biking, etc.  Just recently I joined a monthly quilting guild. We meet in a meeting hall in Central Market. Share ideas and crafts, trade fabric and books, and get to know one another. I like having this type of group to get together with and build community. It also has great demos. This month they did a hexagon demo. I think this is gonna be a great new traveling hobby.

In short, to everyone out there who bitches and complains about Houston. I just wanted for one last time to say. Houston is a good city. Maybe if you explored the opportunities here you would discover a part of Houston you might love. A city is only as good as the people who live in it. I want people full of energy and love of life. Not people who want to bitch and complain about the bad traffic (yes, it is), and the hot weather (yes, but think of the 6-7 months of awesome weather). I miss Louisiana-- I miss the humidity, the festival-like atmosphere, the friendly people, the delicious food, the southern flora, but this doesn't make me hate Houston. Embrace life where you are living it! That way it makes life for everyone a little more enjoyable. The city has a pulse an energy and I want that pulse to be lively and the energy to be warm and positive. Thanks and Happy exploring!

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  1. I want to make hexagons. You have to teach me.