Saturday, June 27, 2009

Yarn Swap #1

I noticed as a member of Ravelry that there are several groups that come up with and participate in yarn swaps. I wanted to join in on one because it looked like a great way to meet people. Of course the more I thought about it, the more I thought it might be fun to start my own yarn swap with friends of mine who were not on

So I talked with my friend Brooke, who lives in Madison, WI and was a former roommate and great buddy of mine while I was doing my master's degree, to see if she would be interested in co-hosting a Yarn Swap. So we both e-mailed the friends we knew who knitted and came up with a small group of 6 people who showed interest. Three people were friends of mine and three people were friends of hers-- so we had eight in total. Now I know this is small, but i think it is a great way that friends from my part of the world (the south) could meet some knitters in the great north and northeast. So we picked a 'theme'-- knitting in the summer-- made a survey of questions, and exchanged names and addresses. The packages should be leaving the houses this weekend and arriving on everyones doorsteps sometime next week. One of the things we wanted to emphasize was local products and quick summer projects.

So I finally have my package put together and will be sending it off on Monday. Here are some pics. It is for someone who loves BBQs in the summer and gardening.

It includes: 1) a chipotle pepper marinade purchased at the arts market and made in sugarland, TX, 2) some lotion samples made in the woodlands, TX, 3) some of my favorite tea, 3) some spicy cajun seasoning not to be without!, 4) and some fall seed packs. I also made some stitch markers to go with the bamboo and silk/bamboo crystal palace yarn. Even though my knit buddy requested local or reused yarn I couldn't help but get her some bamboo yarn since she had never used it before....a special treat.

I hope she enjoys and pictures of my secret package to come!

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